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Four Poster & Canopy Bed

What Is A Four-Poster Canopy & Canopy Bed?

A four poster and canopy bed is a decorative bed that usually feature posts at each of the four corners and extends four feet or higher above the mattress. The upper part of the bed, generally in rectangular form supports a tester or a panel. The panel occasionally has rails that allow you to pull curtains around the bed easily. There are several conventional four-poster and canopy beds used today that dates back to as early as the 16th century. Most of these beds are made of oak. A typical four poster and canopy bed is the Crathes Castle bed that was made initially for the burnets of leys family (a Scottish family)

History of Four Poster & Canopy Bed

Four poster and canopy beds have been around since the early 16th century. During these early years, there was nothing to stop bugs and other droppings from falling into the house to your bed. This posed a great challenge in the bedroom where these droppings could mess up your tidy bed. This is how the four poster and canopy bed came into existence. These kinds of beds were mainly used in Europe in most mansions and castles. In some towns, the roof of the four poster & canopy bed was made of materials like woods, stone, and clay tiles.

Celebrities to Have Used the Four Poster & Canopy Bed

Louis XIV

The four-poster and canopy bed has been referred by many as “the bed of kings and the kings of bed” because traditionally, it was a prestigious bed designed for castles and mansions. Louis XIV, the king of France between 1643 and 1715 is one of the greatest people to have used the four-poster and canopy bed. He had as many as 413 such beds in all his palaces. All the beds had canopies that were covered in pearls and figures on a golden or silver ground. His bed at Versailles was covered in crimson velvet curtains where the Venus triumph was stitched.

William Morris

William Morris is also one of the celebrities to have used the four-
poster and canopy bed. Morris was an English poet, designer, novelist and social activist. He used an impressive 17th-century oak four-poster and canopy bed with a unique decoration done by his youngest daughter May. Webb designed the heavy wooden bed and cost approximately 30 pounds. It took about 35 weeks for the bed to be made. His wife Jane Morris worked on the cover and signed it with the label “Si Je Puis” (if I can).

Famous Films/Scenes to Have Used the Four Poster & Canopy Bed

Several movies and films have included the four-poster bed and canopy as part of their interior design due to the beauty and class it adds to the design. The four poster canopy bed used in several movies and scenes. Most of these movies are centered on ancient kingdoms or wealthy people known to fancy such beds. In gone with the wind, a 1939 romance movie, scarlet’s bedroom is furnished with expensive furniture including a tall four poster and canopy bed.

The Princes and the Frog

If you’ve also watched the princes and the frog, then you have noticed a large four-poster and canopy bed in charlottes bedroom. Charlotte, the spoilt yet generous daughter of Eli Labouff, a wealthy sugar baron likes to decorate her bedroom in a stylish feminine pink personality. The bed is decorated with pink drapery and gold finishing at the sides. Most Disney movies have featured the canopy bed in their films. Some of these movies include the beauty and the beast, Rapunzel tower, Maleficent, and many other films based on kingdoms and castles.


The four-poster and canopy bed is a prestigious bed that has been used since time immemorial. It has a long, fascinating history of how it came into existence and how it was adopted by the respected people in the society hence the name “the bed of kings and the kings of bed.” It has also featured in many movies depicting the life of prominent people in the castles. It is, therefore, a type of bed that adds class to your bedroom and make you feel as though you are sleeping in a castle.

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