Captivate Project

More About The Lower Clapton Project

“The Enchanted Forest” is a part of an ongoing project that consists of a prototype for an animated wallpaper installation for a collaboration. The inspiration was taken from the designer’s favorite fairy tale. This was a tale of twelve sisters who on every night fell further into the underworld to dance amongst trees with gold, silver and diamond leaves.

This was designed with larger scale settings in mind. The visuals “captivates” the view, producing an airy, meditative atmosphere, as each corner of the leaves illuminate as if it were magic. A back and forth between the space of illusion and reality, it plays on the existance of being an ordinary design with amplified projection.

A fascinating but small step into what the future can be for interior design.

In time the project will grow with the help of other collaborating surface designers and textile artists. We’re here if you share the vision or would like to become a collaborator. To see works in progression in person, you can visit our Lower Clapton studio;

Hackney Downs Studios,
Amhurst Terrace
Lower Clapton
London E8 2BT

Or, use our form for more details.