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four post canopy bed

Four Poster & Canopy Bed

What Is A Four-Poster Canopy & Canopy Bed? A four poster and canopy bed is a decorative bed that usually feature posts at each of the four corners and extends four feet or higher above the mattress. The upper part of the bed, generally in rectangular form supports a tester or a panel. The panel occasionally ...

What is the Rattan Style?

Rattan has become one of the most fashionable styles not just in North America, but also in Asia, Europe, and Africa as well. Today, it is easy to come across websites and designer brick-and-mortar stores that showcase the 1950s and 1960s rattan-style arm-chairs, sofas and other types of furniture. They are part of the unconquerable ...
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Digital Fabric Printing

Printing is as old as dating back to the 3rd century using woodblock printing. With digital fabric printing just being over 30 years old. These designs are initially designed on computer design software b skilled artists. Then produced on typically large, industrial-sized printing machines capturing every fine detail the artist had created. These are ...
Natasha Lawless
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Hello, I’m Natasha, a surface & textile designer based in Lower Clapton, that reads, blogs and daydreams about the beautiful things in our world.

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